Preptober :: Character Sketch

“It’s never a pleasure to hang a woman,” the man drawled atop the gallows. Between the muddy streets and the dripping slats, sunlight seemed to dance over his silver hair like ripples of creek water. Polished boots squeaked with each step as he paced and crowed across the huddled crowd, voice rich in the sullen […]

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Sexual Musings :: Birches

Adrift, caught between: “I am a strong woman.” and “I am a soft woman.” Two mighty Goliaths battling for space in the mist laden forest of my heart- one set of branches swinging toward rushing, white-capped water, the other protecting the firm ground beneath her twisting, grapevine roots. I close my eyes and can feel […]

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War :: {8}

–> 5.28.2018 Week 8 of War <– Her :: “He is muggy, summer nights and an empty wine glass. Dew on the grass and tan skin. Him:: “She is frosted windows and wood sparks on a fire. Warm blanket kisses and sock feet.” **All cards aside, leave who you believe won in the comments below. […]

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Sexual Musings :: Gypsy

There is a restless gypsy spinning circles inside my dancehall of a heart; crushed wheatgrass and Black-eyed Susans curtsying beneath my bare feet, kohl smudged and shining eyes in the darkness, catching flint from the fire with the golden bells at my wrist. With every twirl, Night strokes fingers across the bones of my pale […]

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Sexual Musings :: Granite

“Pull me close; why is there so much space between us? I want to close my eyes and feel when your fingertips brush my hip under the fan-cooled sheets; don’t you know you still kindle fire inside me? Why can’t you hear me a foot away, screaming for you to circle me in your arms? […]

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