Christmas List :: Day 8

MADE MY OWN CHALLENGE THIS YEAR! Partially because the love of PHOTOGRAPHING books has sort of overtaken my love for reviewing them and also partially because the book-nerd in me couldn’t resist. I’m posting my Christmas List choices over on my Instagram profile if you’d like to join in @briipearl and the tag is #PearlBayou […]

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Top 5 Wednesday :: Favorite Covers

Ima be real with y’all – last week’s Top 5 Wednesday was challenging AF. And I liked it. Therefore –> I’m going to dig a little deeper into this week’s prompt over at the Goodreads group = “favorite covers.” In the spirit of bookish-challenge, let’s narrow down some of my favorite covers for very specific reasons. Favorite […]

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An Intimate Conversation: My Exploration Into Christian Literature

When was the last time you had a truly intimate conversation? in·ti·mate ˈin(t)əmət/ adjective – closely acquainted; familiar, close – private and personal. The thing is, I grew up surrounded by strong, Christian influence. Sort of what I like to think of as “down-home” believers: hard-working, giving, compassionate, faithful, honest people who knew the difference […]

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Top 5 Wednesday :: Newest TBR

Y’all. I’m behind on so many book wagons, it’s like a recurring nightmare of the Oregon Trail, sans dysentery, up in here. I haven’t even fallen off said wagons, I’m still running behind them dodging oxen doo-doo with my prairie cap blowing in the wind. I have had a few good hauls lately – mainly […]

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Top 5 Wednesday :: Summer Reads

When I think “summer” I think “water.” This girl right here (thumbs pointed toward myself) is just too pasty-white to be out in muggy, Missouri heat without a body of water nearby. The above picture just so happens to be my backyard. Fun, right? ⬆️ What was it Major Payne said: “I’ll be on you […]

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