NaNoWriMo :: Day 1

Didn’t get off to the best start on Day One (just a little over 600 words) but I kept telling myself: “I started.” That’s what matters right? To begin. To commence. I mixed it up a little and played with free-writing on Day One instead of choosing a specific moment on the timeline to sketch. […]

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Sexual Musings :: Bones

Sexual Musings :: Bones You’re a slow burn, strip-me-down-to-my-bones kind of lover. Linen hands and a rough mouth – a voice edged with rippling fire beneath black quartz. Your shadow clinging to the hummingbird pulse beating at my throat, with the words we whisper, in every Stygian hallway we trespass. Burning hands scouring skin, leaving […]

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War :: {8}

–> 5.28.2018 Week 8 of War <– Her :: “He is muggy, summer nights and an empty wine glass. Dew on the grass and tan skin. Him:: “She is frosted windows and wood sparks on a fire. Warm blanket kisses and sock feet.” **All cards aside, leave who you believe won in the comments below. […]

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March :: Wrap Up

Total Read : 10 Favorite Character : A tie between Hector from The Iliad and Stoker from Raybourn’s Veronica Speedwell Series (A Curious Beginning, A Perilous Undertaking, and A Treacherous Curse) Favorite Quote : “Men, I had often observed, were never happier than when they believed they were imparting wisdom.” ― Deanna Raybourn, A Perilous […]

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Sexual Musings :: Him

“Sometimes I wonder who you are. If you’re in a bar somewhere, laughing with green eyes and a nose that’s been broken one too many times. Or if you’re home, shirtless on the couch, with freckles dotting your shoulders. Tell me – Are you happy? Do you like sugar in your coffee and bare feet […]

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Frisky Friday :: Moonlight

“Let’s go home, baby,” she smiled, leaning closer into his side. Dark curls were falling from the messy bun atop her head and even darker eyes traced the curves of his mouth lit up from the neon sign behind the bar. He reminded her of the way night felt when she escaped a crowded room. […]

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