Sexual Musings :: Jewelweed

I’ve never known a gentle love. Maybe there’s something in my rain-soaked soil of a heart that doesn’t allow people to take root; the way I value men, with their three-day-old beards and tired eyelashes, is the tender way one cups water the first time they swim in the sea. Lovers don’t come built in […]

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Sexual Musings :: Burnt

Sexual Musings :: Burnt “In this moment, I am pale calves covered in graham cracker sand and coral painted shoulder blades from a day in Midwest heat. I can’t find my voice to ask, but if you were to reach over and touch me, you’d feel a rippling current of raw electricity under your hands; […]

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So God Made a Farmer’s Wife

One of my first and fondest memories as a school-age child was riding the bus and listening to Paul Harvey in the mornings. Looking back on it, there wasn’t much to “enjoy” (i.e.: lack of understanding) about Harvey’s airtime at the tiny age of five but something about his voice stuck with me. I sat […]

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