Workshop :: Week 4 of 6

Tonight was a fun session over at Fledgling Writing Workshops, with a lot of prompt work and expansion of character knowledge through their fears. One of the prompts Sammi threw at us tonight was: “Write from the perspective of a deity/higher being/from the beyond.” I chose to write about my current main character (in my […]

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Spine Study :: The Plastic Magician

I love a good spinoff; it’s like a roadtrip to your favorite place, only with different people in the vehicle. The Plastic Magician has been on my TBR list for awhile now. Looking back – I literally gobbled up Holmberg’s previously published Paper Magician series when they first came out. I adored Ceony and Emery’s […]

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#Prompt Post :: Village Attack

Prompt : Introduce a sibling rivalry. “I have three horses dead. Torn to shreds. Bits and pieces of bone and flesh scattered across a mile radius. There was more than one creature this time, milord,” the man stated, gazing up at my half-brother. The farmer’s voice echoed in the stone hall as I studied him; […]

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Reed’s Wood | The Old Church

Weeping willows guarded the old church, hidden behind years of neglect and rarely travelled dirt roads. White paint was curled and peeling from the weather faded exterior and the decayed wooden steps had become a cool place for snakes of all sizes to ball up like necklace chains at the bottom of a jewelry box. […]

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