In a Slump :: Courting Inspiration

I have an open relationship with Inspiration and before I go much further, I want to clear one thing up: he’s never been abusive, illusive, or manipulative. The thing is, I know how some people view him; I hear people bash Inspiration’s habit of poor timing and then there’s his favorite cruel joke where he shows up in all his infinite […]

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Sexual Musings :: Birches

Adrift, caught between: “I am a strong woman.” and “I am a soft woman.” Two mighty Goliaths battling for space in the mist laden forest of my heart- one set of branches swinging toward rushing, white-capped water, the other protecting the firm ground beneath her twisting, grapevine roots. I close my eyes and can feel […]

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Sexual Musings :: Estuary

There is a word for the place where a river meets the sea – It’s like a melody I heard as a child From the back pew Of a stained glass church, Whispering across my skin On steel core fiddle strings: “Estuary. Estuary. Estuary.” And I want to paint our bedroom In its colors- Foam […]

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Sexual Musings :: Burnt

Sexual Musings :: Burnt “In this moment, I am pale calves covered in graham cracker sand and coral painted shoulder blades from a day in Midwest heat. I can’t find my voice to ask, but if you were to reach over and touch me, you’d feel a rippling current of raw electricity under your hands; […]

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#Prompt Post :: Clouds

The fade of your voice against my skin is vapor rising in the morning like steam off the brown river and there’s a canyon carved in your pillow slowly filling with amber dawn. A heavy quilt lay pooled at my feet, displaced from midnight kicks and beaten in folds with the irony of being the […]

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Personal Post :: May

“May: the lilacs are in bloom. Forget yourself.” -Marty Rubin Anyone else a lover of lilacs? There is something so special about them. A classic. A staple. A sign of warmer, lighter days to come and then sultry nights on the deck with low music and cold beer. Tree frogs ringing out their trilled harmonies. […]

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Sexual Musings :: Tough

Leaning against the bar, I tapped a gentle rhythm along his arm: “I think you worry that steady, beating heart on your sleeve is white noise – a static smoke filtering through what should be loud, bravado and pure masculinity. But, baby, I love that you notice when I have an eyelash on my cheek. […]

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Personal Post :: March

I write everyday. It’s no longer a hobby. It’s an addiction. An outlet. Therapy. A drug of sorts. Some nights it may be as simple as a few words on the weather. Some mornings it’s six pages on why I love the color emerald green. It’s a study on what I find beautiful in people, […]

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