Book Tag :: The Lady Janies

Hi. (Small wave from the girl curled up in a hoodie and fuzzy socks right now, ’cause it’s fall in mid-Missouri, y’all!) I’m currently avoiding some edit work I need to be doing on a western short story. I’ve been working on it the last couple weeks and hoping I can share it tomorrow, therefore, using […]

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Spine Study :: The Plastic Magician

I love a good spinoff; it’s like a roadtrip to your favorite place, only with different people in the vehicle. The Plastic Magician has been on my TBR list for awhile now. Looking back – I literally gobbled up Holmberg’s previously published Paper Magician series when they first came out. I adored Ceony and Emery’s […]

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Book Tag :: Aesthetically Pleasing

So, I haven’t actually done a book tag in FOR-EV-ER. Enter Sandlot voice: Dee Reads Things shared this neat “Aesthetically Pleasing” tag a little while back and this morning I decided (instead of doing dishes or laundry or mopping) I’d play around with some pretty books. Best Color Combo I love white books. Don’t ask […]

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Top 5 Wednesday :: Summer Reads

When I think “summer” I think “water.” This girl right here (thumbs pointed toward myself) is just too pasty-white to be out in muggy, Missouri heat without a body of water nearby. The above picture just so happens to be my backyard. Fun, right? ⬆️ What was it Major Payne said: “I’ll be on you […]

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May :: Wrap Up

I set out with a goal, ladies and gentlemen, for the month of May = to only read books I WANTED to. Seems silly, right? Wrong. Here’s the thing: I put so much pressure on myself to read “big kid” books, i.e. the classics. I’m constantly berating myself: “Read something adult for a change. Something […]

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Top 5 Wednesday :: Worst Hangovers

I’m not joking one bit when I say: I would rather deal with a tequila hangover than a book hangover. What is it about fictional characters getting inside your head and just ripping your heart out that’s so…addictive? So much love. So much hate, my friends. Continuing on with this month’s freebie posts over at […]

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Top 5 Wednesday :: Blue Books

Let me get something out in the open here: my favorite color is most definitely green. That being said – there really is something about a blue book that’s so…charming. Striking. Traditional. Commanding. I actually had no idea how many books I owned that are all decked out in blue until I decided on this […]

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February :: Wrap Up

Total Books Read :: 11 Favorite Character :: Mr. Kent from These Vicious Masks tied with Thomas Cresswell from Hunting Prince Dracula (I was on a “charming-gentleman-but-let-me-be-your-rogue” kick.) Favorite Quote :: “Farmers may rise to roosters, but sailors rise to swearing.” (The Girl From Everywhere)

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