Sexual Musings :: Lily Pads

“My veins are brushstrokes of indigo over yellow lily pads, a steady heart of flourishing green between Sundance and Moonrise. I don’t fancy myself a healer- or a warrior- or a scholar- But I am music and mischief, forgotten melodies and whispered laughter riding the wind waves. Woman of the wild, with thunder under her […]

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6 (Recent) #Bookstagram Posts

This is a safe space, where we are all passionate about similar things – so, I’m just going to say it: I love to photograph books. Like a lot of you, I’m sure, photographing them feels like an “extra” layer of book therapy. I appreciate the time and the process and the end product = […]

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Sexual Musings :: 35MM

“There is an ecstasy in cradling your body, an ethereal distance between your hollow ribcage and the pulse in my fingers. An angry thrum of desire and purpose, an ache which radiates from your eye out into my lungs, a rippling breath before the final collapse of the shutter. No matter the frame, I’ve given […]

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