5 Actors & Actresses as Bookish Characters | Casting

Okay. Before we begin, you (the reader) must promise me (the blogwriter) something:

To agree to disagree in this instance of character casting.

Because I know not everyone is going to like or understand who I cast as characters in some of our most treasured/favorite books.

That’s what I LOVE though. We read these books and we ALL have different faces in mind.

The human brain is so cool. We take words and we transform them into real images.

Here’s (5) characters I see cast as popular actors and actresses:

1. Cinder by Marissa Meyer | Cinder ft. Lana Condor

Condor’s got such a “take care of myself” vibe, like she could survive losing her prosthetic foot, piece back together an aging AI, and having a crazy step-mother all at once.

Plus, I just think she’s plain adorable. Whatta doll.

2. Soulless series by Gail Carriger | Alexia ft. Lea Michele

For Gail Carriger fans: hear me out.

Alexia says she has (a) a dark complexion due to (b) Italian genetics, along with a (c) larger nose and (d) a bust she’s proud to use to her advantage.

Not to mention, she’s a real beauty according to the werewolf Lord. 😉

Alexia is described walking with a certain no-nonsense carriage and erect posture.

All I’ve ever seen, since day one of beginning Soulless, was Lea Michele.

3. The Winternight Trilogy (The Bear and the Nightingale) by Katherine Arden | The Frost Demon ft. Cillian Murphy


1. Russian vibes galore. Look at that bone structure.

2. Cillian can play a vicious character with soft edges like nobody’s business. (Hellllllllo Tommy Shelby, for all you Peaky Blinders fans.)

3. Murphy is beautiful but in an “untouchable” way on screen, like he always keeps his distance from things.

Argue all you want but I ship him in this casting.

4. The Six of Crows Duology by Leigh Bardugo | Inej ft. Priyanka Chopra Jones

Again, I know how loved Inej’s character is by the Bardugo fan base – and we all see her differently.

But Priya SCREAMS intensity and matches up almost perfectly to how I picture Inej in my head, making quiet remarks and walking graceful as a panther in the darkness.

5. ACOTaR Series by Sarah J. Maas | Rhysand ft. Tom Ellis

Don’t riot. You’re allowed to think I’m wrong.

I KNOW we all picture Rhysand a very particular, fine-as wine way. But let me say this:

After watching Ellis on Lucifer as Lucifer (on Netflix) – my gods, he is so much like Rhysand.

Dirty talk between playboy winks and sexy legs that make me think he’d be even better without pants on. He practically purrs, y’all. He is charming and obnoxious and goofy and protective and freakin’ hawt.

No human alive is ever going to BE Rhysand. But, with a body like Ellis has, eyes that (may not be violet but) are dark as night incarnate, and a downright porn-worthy voice – I’m in.

I’m alllllll in.

Tell me some actors or actresses YOU see in your head while reading certain books.

I eat this stuff up.



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