Spine Study :: Nunslinger

Wait. Before you roll your eyes at a gun totin’ nun, let me tell you one thing about Nunslinger by Stark Holbein:

It’s a freakin’ blast.

Seriously, this book was a pleasure. It’s a “don’t think too hard and just sit back” kind of read with western elements and constant cliffhangers. There’s a dash of romance, some history, and several conflicted souls.

The year is 1864. Sister Thomas Josephine, an innocent Visitantine nun from St Louis, Missouri, is making her way west to the promise of a new life in Sacramento, California. When an attack on her wagon train leaves her stranded in Wyoming, Thomas Josephine finds her faith tested and her heart torn between Lt. Theodore F. Carthy, a man too beautiful to be true, and the mysterious grifter Abraham C. Muir. Falsely accused of murder she goes on the run, all the while being hunted by a man who has become dangerously obsessed with her. (Per goodreads.com)


Okay, to kick this Spine Study off, I want to list a few key factors:

1. I love this time period. Give me anything and everything Civil War.

2. I love westerns – whether it be spaghetti, urban, alien, romance, etc.doesn’t matter. The western genre and all corresponding sub-genres are cool beans.

3. Religion did not play as big of a factor in this novel as I expected.

4. Nunslinger is available “per book” (with 12 installments total) in ebook format and they reminded me so much of Netflix episodes that I felt it necessary to mention.

Overall, what kept me reading was the hopeful (sinful) promise of a love story because it’s there, y’all.

Nunslinger had a sort of “Forrest Gump” feel to it, too = the main characters stumble on different moments/cultures/iconic changes in American history the way Forrest did.

The pacing is adorable, for lack of better words. There is just enough in each chapter to be satiating; it took me a little over a week to finish but was well worth it to take it slowly.


Final Spine Study ➡️ Think: chips and queso before a delicious Mexican dinner. The way you devour that basket of chips before you even settle in for the main course. That’s sort of what Nunslinger is. Just enough to fill you up and GOOD. Simple. Shareable.

– B

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