3 of My Bookish Quirks

Quirks. Habits. Rituals.

Call them what you wish – but when a new book comes into my possession I have a tendency to do one of (or all) three things:

1. img_2009

I was gifted a personalized library stamp by one of my favorite people in the world – and now, I’m frantic to get home and MARK MY TERRITORY.

No, but really. I love the pretty handwritten font and it makes me happy to leave my little mark on a piece of literary existence.


I flag the hell outta my books.

Fiction. Nonfiction. Recipe books. Doesn’t matter because I’m an equal-opportunity flagger. If I notice something I like, something that gives me chills or pisses me off or makes me sigh with euphoria = FLAG. There is something super pleasing about finishing a book and seeing all those little neon markers and knowing I truly digested that book.

Sometimes, for fun, I turn them all around on a shelf with flags facing out, I break open a bottle of wine, and just stare at them – because we all have our kinks.


I have a cliché “99 Books You Must Read Before You Die” list on the fridge. And you betchur butt I mark them off proudly.

It makes for a good conversation piece but mainly it’s because none of my artwork is as good as the kids’ so I have to lay claim to my fame.

Tell me about YOUR bookish quirks. Do you dog ear? Do you use book sleeves obsessively? Do you only buy series if they’re all in hardback?

Happy Tuesday!

-B + the boys

Hagan & Junah
Hagan and Junah

5 thoughts on “3 of My Bookish Quirks

  1. The first thing I look at when I find a book interesting is how many pages . . .like I’m going to need AT LEAST 400! Minimum. It doesn’t rule a book out but it makes it much more appealing! I’m super turned off by books that are co-authored. Of course there are a few exceptions, like if it’s recommended by a favorite author of mine. But if I’m browsing I’ll skip over them. I try to read every book or poem an author puts in their books so I can see if we have the same tastes.

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  2. Oh my gosh! That personalized stamp! Is it really dorky of me to say that I love it? Oh well, I do. xD That’s such a neat idea, and a really nice gift idea for book lovers. I’ve never seen one before. I really like your printed list of books to read before you die, too.

    I don’t think I have any real bookish quirks? I feel sort of disappointed haha. Does always carrying a book with you count? I HAVE to have a book with me, whether it’s a physical book or my Kindle. To the point where people comment if I don’t pull a book out at some point while I’m waiting for things. If I don’t have my book out by the time the chiropractor comes in, for example, she asks what I’m reading now. xD


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