Personal Post :: May ’19 (Slump)

Back in August of 2018, I shared a post about my relationship with creative energy –> In a Slump :: Courting Inspiration. There were several anecdotes I listed, in essence, to seduce inspiration back into my life when I’m in a slump – whether pertaining to reading or writing. The post was a quirky, personal narrative in which I personified Inspiration because I never want to view slumps as something inherently evil or as a quintessential “road block.” Lack of inspiration is just a part of being human. It’s frustrating, yes, but altogether human. 

August was eight months ago. It was the last time my creative-drive took a nosedive. Now, here I am again, headed straight for the ground on the roller coaster of inspiration.

There’s several quotes I always return to when things get rough, when the pen in my hand feels heavy and books lay around half-read. One of my favorites happens to be the words of John Steinbeck:

“Your audience is one single reader. I have found that sometimes it helps to pick out one person – a real person you know, or an imagined person and write to that one.”

Simple, yet effective, right?

When I’m struggling, staring at a blank page or a flashing cursor, I write to my momma or my future husband. I pen down a list of things that I think would make my brother laugh. I write a letter to a stranger who I noticed doing something kind at a gas station.

The thing is, I write every day no matter what. Every day I make it a point to write something – even if it’s only a few sentences. Here lately, however, my writing has been lacking passion, spark, interest…it’s like my voice has been smothered or dulled. It’s a boring read, let me tell you.

I can’t finish books.

I haven’t blogged in a month.

I’m on the cusp of drowning in monotony.

(Okay, that’s a tad bit dramatic, but you catch my drift.)

Several times, this week alone, I’ve thought about clearing every post off of Pearl Bayou and starting from scratch. Not because I’m feeling sorry for myself but because blank slates are like a drug for me. They are intoxicating. And sometimes they’re what spur me in different directions of passion.


  • Books + flat lay photography
  • Nature
  • Creative writing/journaling
  • Trees & House Plants
  • Vintage, eclectic decor + fashion
  • Animals
  • Paper-crafting (especially handmade paper + envelopes)
  • U.S. –> Civil War era
  • Tom Hardy falls somewhere on this list, too. No shame.

I keep searching for ways to really bring those passions to life and, in the learning curve, the blog has suffered.

I’m searching for direction.

And I’m going to find it. Damn it.

An update on FUN things going on:

1. I got a new puppy. Meet Junah. He and Big Brother are really figuring it out; I never knew how much I could love TWO.

2. I marked another classic off my list. (I am officially a diehard Willa Cather fan.)

3. The wetlands is coming to life. So much birth and green and change. I live for this time of year.

4. Back in April, I made it to Gilcrease Museum in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Enjoyed it thoroughly- especially F. Remington’s bronze work. ⬇️

I suppose the whole point of this post is to communicate. To be open about the fact that slumps are real and slumps are scary and slumps are WORKABLE. We have lives and sometimes life takes priority. Whether you’re a blogger, a reader, a writer, a painter, etc. – we all suffer from some type of hindrance when it comes to creating.

Talk to me about your slumps. Do they happen a certain time of year? Is there a trigger, emotionally? How do you get through them? 

As always, much love –


2 thoughts on “Personal Post :: May ’19 (Slump)

  1. I so much hear you about the creative slumps! I find myself falling into those every now and then. I just keep going until it eventually ends (and it does, inevitably, end). I hope you find that spark you’re looking for! Your current interests are really varied and sound so interesting. And the new pupper? Adorable. Looks like he and his big brother are getting along just fine.

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