Spring Personified :: Love & Attraction

I am learning to love the changing of the seasons and the unique qualities each possesses, much like the people I’m attracted to. 

Being drawn to different facets of all four seasons and being pulled magnetically to them like human beings – has made me slow down and examine the smaller things. 

I previously wrote about winter here (Winter Personified :: Love and Attraction) if you’d like to read the first installment.

If spring were to be personified, here’s how I would see five people I love and/or am attracted to in the light of the current season.

1. If a lilac blossom could laugh, it would tip its head back the way she does and shower the ground with blinding light. There is soft sun beams in her lashes and a rich, bramble voice which makes strangers pause along the walk.

2. He is a windows-open-first-rainstorm-of-the-spring kind of human being; he’s steady punches and flexing shoulders, the sort of male who makes sweat look like dynamite and lightning. There is scars on his hands and granite muscles along his spine that taste of static and new skies.

3. Pink tulips and bubblegum lips, soft dresses in satin and tulle- she is sorbet sunsets and closed eyes. She’ll trace stains on tables and labels on bottles, tap rhythms on her knees and whistle while the band plays. She is the final aching breath of raspberry sunshine before the clouds melt into gray.

4. Imagine nighttime in April, the way the air strokes your skin with the promise of tomorrow because everything feels new in the spring. She is built that way- with encouragement in her mouth like spearmint and supportive hands lined with velvet, eyes green as fledgling prairies and steadily rooted.

5. There’s high water after a hard rain, flashes of shattered branches and split dirt – and then there’s his eyes when they track me across a room. He’s the breaking of barriers, a sort of stripped down vulnerability in his attention, almost as if he’d clear a path to get to me no matter the damage in his wake. If the sky broke loose and pummeled the ground with a flash flood, it would be the sound of him saying my name.


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