6 (Recent) #Bookstagram Posts

This is a safe space, where we are all passionate about similar things – so, I’m just going to say it:

I love to photograph books.

Like a lot of you, I’m sure, photographing them feels like an “extra” layer of book therapy. I appreciate the time and the process and the end product = where I use printed copies in my reading journal.

The reasoning behind this post :: the last month or so, I’ve taken a break from blogging but have a ton of posts to type up. In the mean time, however, I thought I’d share a few book photos I’ve taken recently.

Just because. ❤️

This isn’t a promo piece or anything, I promise. I’d just love to connect with more book-addicts on Instagram. My profile is pretty hybrid: books, art, my dog, nature, and journaling. #Bookstagram pages both intimidate and thrill me – I admire the aesthetic beauty of it all and appreciate the work that goes into it.

    Follow me on Instagram – @briipearl so we can chat books (and dogs and food and the weather) like the little ole ladies and gents we are. 😂

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