Top 5 Wednesday :: Book Ripples

Sometimes books do this magical thing and suggest another book to you. Maybe it’s a common theme or a vibe, writing style similarities, or a quote an author used in a prologue – but you’re drawn to the second piece of literature.

I call this a ripple effect. And some of my FAVORITE books in the world are from these circular wrinkles.

Here’s (5) examples + a bonus that I picked for today’s freebie prompt over at the Top 5 Wednesday Group on Goodreads:

Water for Elephants ➡️ The Night Circus ➡️ Caraval

This was definitely a “vibe” example. I got interested in the theme and was OBSESSED with anything carnival. Imagine my joy when Escaping from Houdini by Kerri Maniscalco came out awhile back. **Heart eyes.**

Where the Crawdads Sing ➡️ A Sand County Almanac

This was a direct ripple – in Where the Crawdads Sing, the main character reads A Sand County Almanac. This is probably my favorite ripple of all time- both of these books are phenomenal.

1984 ➡️ Brave New World

Genre ripple here. I guarantee if you bring either of these books up in conversation, you’ll eventually talk about the other. These were both on a Classic literature reading list that I printed off. Of the two, I’m not sure which is my favorite but they both definitely made an impact.

Eragon ➡️ Talon

Thematic ripple from back-in-the-day = read these both in high school. Eragon was edgy and a stepping stone into fantasy and plain addictive. Talon was more of a guilty pleasure but still sucked me in. (Not 100% sure why I still have so many books from high school; maybe I’m too sentimental.)

The Last Silk Dress ➡️ Gone With the Wind

I want nothing more in this world than to hold onto Ann Rinaldi and the joy she brought me in my younger years. This ripple was more of a “growth” ripple – graduating from gently-young historical fiction to grown-up historical fiction. (I can’t quite say that I still wouldn’t choose Rinaldi though.)

Born to Wander ➡️ The Pilgrim’s Progress

Direct ripple again – in Van Loon’s piece, she discusses the pilgrimage Christians are faced with in Born to Wander – where she outlined Bunyan’s work several times in comparison. I haven’t attempted The Pilgrim’s Progress yet but it’s high up the stack of Classic TBR.

Tell me about your book ripples: have you fallen in love with a book discovered through ANOTHER book? Have you ever connected two pieces of literature without really thinking about it? Stack them on the same shelf even though you’re not sure why?

Happy Wednesday-


11 thoughts on “Top 5 Wednesday :: Book Ripples

    1. Crazy the connections our brains (and hearts) can make between two pieces of literature. I even catch myself shelving certain books together that are solely linked because they caused a certain emotion. — thanks for the follow and the sweet comment! 💕

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  1. CATCH ME, Brianna, because I’m SWOONING. I love this idea so much!!! Eragon was definitely a gateway into other high fantasy for me, and I’m so thankful for that (despite issues I later had with the story). And Tamora Pierce’s Alanna series got me sifting through every YA shelf at the library for more books about girls in armour. 😀

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    1. You are so funny! I’m glad you enjoyed it! 💕 Isn’t it crazy how we can relate certain books to certain “stages” in our lives? Books are always the constant- no matter how we change, we will always love books and what they do for us.


  2. Ok, this is the best idea for a blog post! I love this and I love that you call it book ripples. I’ve found so many of my favorite books this way too. I loved Deathless by Catherynne M. Valente, so I wanted to read more Russian inspired fairy tale books – and that’s how I found The Bear and the Nightingale, which is my all time favorite book. It’s beautiful how the books we love lead us to other books we need in our lives ❤️


    1. So glad you enjoyed it! (I love when we get a Freebie for T5W!) — (1) The Bear and the Nightingale was probably my FAVORITE read of 2018. Such an amazing book – I’m really excited for Winter of the Witch, which I’m promising myself I’ll start once I get a little caught up on current reads. (2) I’ve noticed I have been doing this thing lately – I’m highlighting and marking passages in my fiction books to check out “later.” Like a bird species or a certain quote or even building names. It’s amazing the ripples I get from that alone. Books are unique tools, like little portals. ❤

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      1. I haven’t even bought Winter of the Witch yet, cause once I read it the series will be over and I’ll miss it. But I’m still very, very excited to read it!

        I do that to. I’m so bad at following up and actually checking them out later though. I’ll try to get better at it and see where it leads me 😊

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  3. Hi. I can really relate to this – I also went through a “circus books” phase, although I haven’t read “Caraval”. If you’re looking for another, “The Gracekeepers” by Kirsty Logan has a floating circus with a performing bear. Angela Carter’s “Nights at the Circus” is also fantastic (in all senses of the word). Thanks for sharing!

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