Spine Study :: Born To Wander

“Blessed are those whose strength is in you, whose hearts are set on pilgrimage.” Psalms 84:5

This past year, I read more Christian literature than the previous 27 years put together. A couple trips over to the bookstore on the campus of Central Christian College of the Bible had me stocked up for months at a time.

I didn’t take on this endeavor lightly; I realize, of course, that people read Christian lit every. Single. Day. But this was a new adventure for me and one I jumped into mentally going at least one hundred miles an hour.

Three of four books finished later, I discovered the Christian genre is as varied as any other genre of literature. (Crazy, huh?) I had already pegged certain sub-genres I was/wasn’t interested in. A couple of those books’ authors became favorite, household staples. Others…ended up in the donate box with all kinds of colorful companions.

I started Born to Wander by Michelle Van Loon on January 3rd, 2019 and finished it out the next day. The book covers the overall concept of: “Recovering the value of our pilgrim identity.” It was a simple, quick read with a thorough biblical narrative of wandering vs. pilgrimage.

Overall, I was hoping to connect more. I put some distance, in places, between my heart and the passages. A sense of defensiveness, I guess, more than anything. And maybe that’s the point. Maybe it was supposed to make me feel uncomfortable in my “settled-ness.”

My favorite part happened to be the closing prayers at the end of each chapter – on topics like displacement, feeling uprooted, or being waylaid during a journey. Each was unique, lyrical, and raw.

Final rating: ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️

Do you have any favorites books or authors in the Christian genre? Leave a comment below with recommendations.



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