6 Favorite Reads of 2018

I managed to knock out 94 books in 2018 – a well rounded number I was happy with when December came to a close.

My reading seasons were a lot like Oreo binges, y’all – I’d gobble down five or six and then not look at an Oreo again for two or three weeks.

You catch my drift.

2018 was also a year of “giving the classics a fair chance.” Instead of remaining biased against them, just because of a few bad eggs, I chose titles randomly off a “100 Books Everyone Should Read” list and rolled with it. I even discovered a few of them were among my favorites for the year.

Favorite Classics

Favorite Adult/Contemporary

Favorite Young Adult

Favorite Local Fiction

I’ll leave on this note:

I am forever grateful that I was raised in a household where books were treated with respect, a home that doubled as an educational environment, and gifted with the love of words.

What an amazing blessing to be able to pick up a book and read it.



10 thoughts on “6 Favorite Reads of 2018

    1. The Star Touched Queen was LUSH, girl. Poetic, almost. The storyline/the romance is good, don’t get me wrong, but the way it’s written is what put it @ the top for me.

      I LOVED your posts ranking all your favorites. Such a neat idea.


    1. I remember us chatting about The Bear and the Nightingale earlier in 2018 – I’m actually not 100% sure you weren’t the reason I finally dove off the edge and read it. ❤️

      “Magical” is such a fabulous word – aren’t those books the best!

      Happy Friday! 💕


  1. Firstly, did you take these photos?! They’re beautiful! I’m trying to get better at book photography, but it’s a work in progress.

    On the books you’ve listed front, I really liked Fahrenheit 451 – it’s such a great read (and re-read…). I couldn’t get into Brave New World. I didn’t like the concept—basically because it freaked me out; books that seem to relate to a scary reality freak me out ha-ha! I’m glad you enjoyed it though!

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    1. Yes ma’am – I did take the photos! ❤️ thank you so much! — my book photography isn’t by any means spectacular but I LOVE natural light. Like, when I get off work, I go straight home to try and get the last bit of it before it gets too dark. (Nerd alert.)

      I saved my torn up, used copy of Fahrenheit 451 (pictured) but it made me want a “new” copy to cherish. — Brave New World just sucked me in. And I think it made the cut because it elicited such strong emotion. I physically held my breath in places. I totally get the “reality” thing though – I don’t read a bunch of contemporary books simply b/c of that factor.

      Hope your new year has been FANTASTIC so far! 💕

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      1. You absolutely could do it! If you get a chance, check out the app “Snapseed” – that’s what I edit all my book pics with on my iPhone. It’s easy to use and has some really great filters if you want either a “light” or a “dark” look. It’s saved me – because I NEVER dig out my camera anymore.

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