3 Poems that Remind Me of Home

Using a few of my photographs, I overlaid three poems which remind me of home each time I read them.

Poetry is magic.

It’s in the way words capture light or a cool touch or a whispered voice. Whether the stanzas are heavy with melancholy or light-footed with rhyme, poetry has a way of sneaking between your rib cage and settling there.

Ever precious are the poems which transport us to a certain place or person. They awaken warm memories or a desire, laced in ache, for home.

Here are three of my favorite classic poems, against a few photographs of mine, all of which remind me of my home:

Let it be known I spelled “Innisfree” wrong in the title. Whatta dunce.

Are there any poems which remind you of a special place? Or a specific person?

Share below, if you’d like.

You know, we could live to be one hundred years old and still not get to read every poem in the world that holds beauty. I love when people tell me bits and pieces of their favorite poetry/prose. Poetry guards what we hold most precious.



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