A Note to My Children | “Hard-Earned”

I am a keeper of colors. Of palettes. Of sensation.

And I wish I could paint those places for you. I wish I could gift you the tangible image of such a world brimming with life – an ecosystem that sings melodies of hard-earned birth and sweet decay and rushing currents and the eerie ache of stillness all in one harmony.

I wish I could show you the way water can be both mercury mirror and the beating heart of a black hole. Bottomless in one second, crystalline in the next.

I wish I could pick up a pencil and draw the steady, slow tread of a heron’s chopstick legs or the two-thirds of a stoplight on the shoulders of a red winged blackbird.

I keep these things to remind myself we are such a small part of this simmering universe. This spinning kaleidoscope of watchful-eyed mothers, dancing fawns, and rainbow tinted skin.

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