Christmas List :: Day 4

Made my own challenge this year!

Partially because the love of PHOTOGRAPHING books has sort of overtaken my love for reviewing them and also partially because the book-nerd in me couldn’t resist.

I’m posting my Christmas List choices over on my Instagram profile if you’d like to join in ➡️ @ briipearl and the tag is #PearlBayou — the more the merrier! Feel free to jump in and ping-back on here, too, so I can see all the pretty books and your all’s choices! ❤️

“The Grinch” :: A Book You Loathe Entirely

Lord of the Flies by William Golding

Look. You can try and change my mind but…it won’t work. Do I see value here? Yes. Do I see why it stands the test of time? Also yes.

Did I enjoy it?


Sorry, Golding Fans. Not my cuppa tea.

Happy reading,

– B + Brown Dog

4 thoughts on “Christmas List :: Day 4

    1. Literally, when I started reading the classics, TONS of people said: “You have to read Lord of the Flies.” Now, when people ask me, I’m like ‘Uhm. Definitely not.’ Of all the classics out there…this one just didn’t do anything for me.

      But thank you. 😂❤️


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