Workshop :: Week 4 of 6


Tonight was a fun session over at Fledgling Writing Workshops, with a lot of prompt work and expansion of character knowledge through their fears.

One of the prompts Sammi threw at us tonight was:

“Write from the perspective of a deity/higher being/from the beyond.”

I chose to write about my current main character (in my NaNoWriMo project) – the same female character I’ve highlighted a few times the last couple weeks = Odette, from the viewpoint of Artemis.

Artemis is the Greek goddess of the hunt, the wild, the animals, the moon, and (in some cases) chastity. She is pictured most often with a bow and arrow, alongside a buck. (Or “stag” for non-Missourian linguistic purposes. Ha!)

I loved using Artemis’ point of view, observing Odette in the act of tracking, as a deity associated with being in touch with nature and in harmony with the environment. Here’s what I came up with:


“I can always feel her in the wood; the one with hair like crow feathers and lightning in her blood. It’s the scent of hunger for the hunt, an echo of my own desire, under her skin – brushing muscled thighs and her calloused hands.

She is a feral thing, with a rifle like an extension to her body, the way my arrows are but breaths from my chest.

When I stand beside her, her rage is a furnace burning with coals in the darkness. She is quiet footsteps through the brush, a ghost between ash and elm.

They call her, and the women she leads, ‘she-devils.’ Hellcats. Witches.

They are, yet they are not…my beautiful thorned-weapons.

I study her as humans study the night sky: with trepidation, with wonder, with awestruck attentiveness that such a creature prowls the ground. She is woman. She is razor wire and flames and the steady pulse of courage beating in her proud heart.”


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