Preptober :: Writing Playlist

img_0297Does anyone else utilize music to “get in the mood?” (The writing-mood is the mood I’m talking about here, not the other mood which is also a fun mood, but not the one I’m blogging about…for now.)

Nine times out of ten, music helps me break barriers and allows me to access hibernating creative energy. It inspires scenes to play out in my head like a music video or a movie soundtrack. Geeky (yes) but one hundred percent true.

When I sat down with my Preptober notes and made the final decision to focus on the western fiction genre, I immediately started a writing playlist on Spotify: one for a specific character I had already mapped out and one for a general “frontier town” feel. Not a single song on either of those lists is “mainstream country.” Instead, I drew on bluegrass, red dirt, alt rock, some indie/folk, and a smattering of blues. I looked for minor keys, acoustic riffs, and haunting lyrics – things I could feel off when imagining a character.

I thought it might be fun to share a few of those songs in a blogpost and ask:

What are some of YOUR feelings on writing playlists? Do they help you? Hinder you? Inspire you? Take you off track/distract you? Leave a comment below with your opinion/process. I’m genuinely curious! 

Here’s a short list of some of the songs I’ll be writing to, come November, to give you a feel for what “puts me in the mood.” I’ll link the titles to the YouTube videos, if you’d like to give them a listen, just click on song title. Each song represents an exact scene that I’ve got on my “Pivotal Scenes” lists.

The Devil Wears a Suit and Tie – Colter Wall

In Hell I’ll be in Good Company – The Dead South

Lady May – Tyler Childers

Seven Devils – Florence and the Machine

Madam D’s – Drew Dixon

Sinner’s Prayer – Lady Gaga

Gallow’s Pole – Willie Watson

Arsonist’s Prayer – Hozier

I Think I’ll Be Their God – Ryan Culwell

– Happy Weekend!

B + Hagan

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