Top 5 Wednesday :: Favorite Covers

Ima be real with y’all – last week’s Top 5 Wednesday was challenging AF.

And I liked it.

Therefore –> I’m going to dig a little deeper into this week’s prompt over at the Goodreads group = “favorite covers.” In the spirit of bookish-challenge, let’s narrow down some of my favorite covers for very specific reasons.

Favorite Cover of 2018 (thus far…)


Stilllll haven’t gotten to this one yet but, boy, is she pretty!

Favorite Cover I’ve Never #Bookstagrammed

I’m not 100% sure why I’ve never photographed Traitor to the Throne…

Favorite Classic Cover

It’s so moody and dark and those clouds >

Favorite Cover With An Animal On It

Dragons count as animals, right? I love how this one has a pencil sketch look to it.

Favorite Cover Cliché 

In the words of Acqua @ Acquadimore books, “tacky round things” seem to be a dominant cliché on my shelves.


B + H

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