Top 5 Wednesday :: Classics & Modern Adaptations

For this week’s Top 5 Wednesday, the Goodreads Group decided to tackle classics we wish had modern adaptations.

I didn’t stick strictly to books…this list includes: (1) a Shakespearean work, (2) two of my favorite poems, and (3) a short story of sorts.


So, I know there is a certain YA book series out currently which plays off of Rosetti’s Goblin Market but I actually despised the first book and simply refuse to read the second. That being said – I wouldn’t mind this poem being retold over and over again, especially with a modern twist.

A Midsummer Night’s Dream is my favorite Shakespeare comedy. It lays down such good ground work for a modern take. Again, I’m aware they exist, but doubt I’d get tired of them.

I can remember reading White Fang the first time and thinking; “This author…this man…he’s a real man.” London’s work just oozes masculinity and raw, natural power. He paints such a vivid picture of the Yukon – and any story about a “bond” forming between a human and an animal scored points with me. Aside from the movie we watched as kids, it would be neat to see this spun in a gender-swap or even with a fantasy take. Could go all kinds of directions.

Tolkien is a genius – I think that’s a fact we can all acknowledge. I loved Sir Gawain and the Green Knight in college. How fun would it be to see it revamped and put in a modern setting.

Lastly, I chose Poe’s Annabel Lee (another poem) because I adore any kind of a dark spinoff. Poe was dark enough but this little slice of romantic beauty? I could read it a thousand times; shake it up with modern characters and I’d be in hog heaven.

Come back next Wednesday!



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