Spine Study :: The Plastic Magician

I love a good spinoff; it’s like a roadtrip to your favorite place, only with different people in the vehicle.

The Plastic Magician has been on my TBR list for awhile now. Looking back – I literally gobbled up Holmberg’s previously published Paper Magician series when they first came out. I adored Ceony and Emery’s story – I’ll go on and admit, after reading The Plastic Magician, I think I still preferred folding (paper magic) over polymaking (plastic magic). Moving with the times and all, however, in a new take on the same world, comes Alvie’s story.

Alvie (albeit a tad too clumsy for my taste) was super likable. She’s a brainiac and insanely excited to have been placed with a mentor she has some hero-worship for. This American hops across the pond and BAM! Mystery and intrigue is introduced amongst her plastic studies = in the form of a rival magician.

Add in a touch of adorable, feel-good, PG romance – and what you get is a fun, light read that felt like a hug from an old friend.

FINAL SPINE STUDY :: A comfy t-shirt you throw on when you get home after work.

Have you read any of Charlie N. Holmberg’s books? If you have, what were your thoughts?

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