Book Tag :: Aesthetically Pleasing

So, I haven’t actually done a book tag in FOR-EV-ER. Enter Sandlot voice:

Dee Reads Things shared this neat “Aesthetically Pleasing” tag a little while back and this morning I decided (instead of doing dishes or laundry or mopping) I’d play around with some pretty books.

Best Color Combo

I love white books. Don’t ask me why because I can’t actually tell you – but a splash of gold on top of it? Favorite color combo.

Best Typography/Font on a Cover

I love how they look handwritten/brushed on, especially the word “Charlotte.” What a fun font.

Best Simple Cover

I bought this one specifically for the cover. Can we take a moment to admire how minimalistic and beautiful it is? Gah. 😍

Best Endpages

This was actually a tie between Red Queen (the top) and The Hazel Wood (bottom). I couldn’t decide which I liked best so I chose them both.

Best Map

I actually had no idea how many books I owned with maps but once I had them all laid out, I kept coming back to Truthwitch and Windwitch.

Best Naked Hardcover

Uhm. Hello. So pretty.

Best Back Cover

An Enchantment of Ravens is hands down one of the most gorgeous books I’ve ever owned. All those neutrals and the pop of light contrasting against the raven — and the paper itself has a sheen to it.

Best Chapter Headers

I cheated a little on this one. It’s not technically a “header” but each chapter page of The Inventor’s Secret has this beautiful ghosting of gears. Steampunk at its finest.

Best Illustrations

Dark and heavy and ultimately magnificent.

Best Spine

Kickin’ it old school with Cinder but it has always been one of my favorite spines. I love how it looks on a shelf.

Favorite Cover on Your Shelves

This one was suuuuper hard. I had about 5 choices but in the end I chose A. G. Howard’s Splintered series because they are all so eye catching. They’re the ones people notice and ask about. (Plus I’m a sucker for anything relating to Alice in Wonderland.)

I couldn’t stop there. So, here’s a few group shots of the lot.

8 thoughts on “Book Tag :: Aesthetically Pleasing

    1. I leave Blackhearts facing cover out on the shelf because I like being able to look at it. 😂 and I’ll have to look up the new Ness book! I actually didn’t read A Monster Calls until this year.


    1. I just wanna state, for the record, that I also had no idea how pretty The Cruel Prince was under that jacket! I had pretty much every hardback uncovered at one point because then I got curious and had to see if there was anymore that pretty that I didn’t know about! Ha!

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