Personal Post :: August

August was a month of revelations. Realizations. Reactions. It was about re-centering, taking a break, and figuring out just what the hell had me in such a funk.

Here’s a few things I came to terms with regarding the blog:

1. No more monthly wrap up posts until I can reset my compass.

By this, I mean, I was writing wrap up posts from a place that wasn’t fun. Wrap ups were causing me stress throughout the WHOLE month and effecting what I picked up to read. It wasn’t about the joy of narrative escape – it was about meeting a goal I had created in my brain based off what “everyone else” was reading and looking good while I did it.

So, no. No more of those until they are fun again.

2. I may be reallllly excited about a creative writing piece and think it’s earth shattering – but no one else will.

And you know what? That’s okay. That’s not the point of this blog. The point is to have a platform and to express myself in a way that is freeing. Throwing my words out into the void and hoping just ONE person finds solace in them.

3. I don’t stick to schedules.

It’s time to embrace the fact that I don’t ever stick to a plan. Therefore, I’ll post when I want to post, about whatever I want to post. Again. The point is to have a platform and to express myself in a way that is freeing. An agenda (for me personally) isn’t freeing.

4. Screw a bookstagram aesthetic.

When I take pictures of my books, I use what’s around me. Mainly = vintage decor that I have around the house: jars, old typewriters, chipped boards, etc. THAT IS MY AESTHETIC. I cannot even tell you how many times I’ve beat myself down because I don’t have this beautiful flat lay setup with props and lighting and yada, yada, yada. My book photos may not garner a thousand #bookstagram likes but they are unique and that’s what I’m shooting for. (Pun intended.)

Here’s a few of my favorite photos I managed to capture during the month of August:

Favorite book I read in August :: a tie between The Star Touched Queen and The Phantom of the Opera

Favorite blogpost from August :: Newest TBR — these photos were super fun to take! 📷

I’m gonna end this Personal Post with September’s word-of-the-month = “offbeat.” ‘Cause I seriously cannot wait for this month’s energy. I’m reading a fantastic book (A Darker Shade of Magic) and I’m going to write about all sorts of unconventional, weird, quirky things everyday. (Three days deep and I have already started that, dontchu worry.)

Fall is right around the corner. (Squeal)

I am looking forward to all the growth the next 27 days has to offer, especially after having a “Come To Jesus” month in August.



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