Spine Study :: Girl, Wash Your Face by Rachel Hollis

Spoiler alert :: It’s “Unpopular- Opinion-Time,” y’all.

Ya, go ahead and tell me, I know, you loved this one. You and apparently 90% of Goodreads reviewers. And you watch/read Rachel faithfully. She’s inspirational. And funny. And down to earth. And her words just resonated with you.

Blah. Blah. Blah.

My friend, we’re going to have to agree to disagree on this one.

As much as I wanted to feel Girl, Wash Your Face – I just didn’t. I, in fact, only made a single highlight. ⬇️

And that was in the introduction, not even the body. Don’t get me wrong, those are some goooooood words. When I read them, I thought to myself: “Yup, got me a winner right here. Everyone was right. This is going to be phenomenal.” And for the first few chapters, even as I clenched my teeth through them, I forced myself to keep going because I knew I couldn’t dislike a book everyone has raved about so glowingly.

Sort of went downhill from there.

Now, I’ll begin this by saying – up until GWYF, I hadn’t experienced Rachel Hollis. Knew nothing about her actually. So, maybe that’s part of the charm I missed out on. I’m sure those who follow her found the book as another way to connect with her. Different platform. Different take.

The essence of the book is thus:

• 20 lies we tell ourselves and how to fight back. How to pick ourselves up and be the better version we keep dreaming of.

The only thing was…I couldn’t connect with any of her lies. Not once (and that’s not exaggerating) did I feel that click that we all crave when we’re reading self-help sagas. There’s a possibility that this sort of formula just doesn’t work for me – the up, down, up, down, self-written sermon on how life beats the hell out of you to build you back up. Now here are some examples of how I failed then made Top 30 Entrepreneurs in the World Under 30. (Gag.) Not that I don’t believe in that ideal firmly – ooh-rah for the underdog. I love seeing people kick life’s ass and make something of themselves. Especially women ’cause, duh, that’s awesome. I’m just assuming there’s a chance (no doubt) I simply don’t like that kind of book. I’m trying to be open minded enough to consider it can’t all be Rachel. A lot of it was me, I’m sure.

In the end though? I felt like this book was one big brag session/body slam, to be honest.

Y’all. I love brutal truth. I love when an author is sharp and fresh and isn’t afraid to get in your face. But after the eighteenth time she called me (the reader) “sister” and then proceeded to explain her stance on being skinny, she lost me. It wasn’t delivered well – don’t try and tell me it was either. It didn’t feel like I was having a conversation.

It felt like a jab – and not because I’m insecure about being a woman with a few extra pounds, but because she broadcasted it widely in a way that felt insensitive. She had the platform. She could’ve rocked it.

But she blew it.

Sorry, not sorry, this book just wasn’t for me, girls.

Final Spine Study :: RIGID. The kind where you unexpectedly run into someone you dislike in the grocery store and have to make small talk.

• Have you read Girl, Wash Your Face? Any thoughts? I’m curious what you loved/didn’t love about it.



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