Top 5 Wednesday :: Tropes We Love to Hate

What’s that old saying? “Once bitten, twice trope shy.”

When I first drafted this post, I was in a super creative mood and picked five different tropes with five different answers ‘cause, you know, what the hell?

The original draft was wild. The original draft was colorful. The original draft took her top off and danced on the bar to “Margaritaville” six rum and coke shots in and french kissed a dude with a sloth tattoo.

She was short lived.

Here’s the thing: the more I thought about each trope, the more there was one which stood out to me as quicksand I “hated” yet got suckered into more often than not. Literally. Sucked. Ankle deep and screaming for my momma or a package of Oreos as my last meal. I’m not 100% sure it really IS a trope but I’m treating it as one anyway-

Second-Go-‘Round Love Story

You know what I mean. First Love Story either:

A. dies during war
B. turns out to be the bad guy bent on world domination
C. is as exciting as watching paint dry
D. goes missing
E. gets taken captive
F. flat out rejects the main character…

You get my point. → First-Go-Round Love Story takes a hike and THERE WE ARE, MY FRIENDS! Lost in the steamy jungle of sexual angst and forbidden feelings. Sometimes the pieces fit a little too perfectly with the Second-Go-‘Round. Sometimes it’s awful convenient to get rid of that First Love Story. Sometimes it’s just plain heartless and/or pointless. Sometimes First Love Story comes back to find his friends shacked up together and he’s like: “Hey guys, I’m alive.” **waves a small wave from the back**

I’ll be honest – I could devote a whole blogpost to solely Second Love Story Sarah J. Maas characters right here but I’m going to try and toss out a mixed bag. (I don’t really want to be varied – I could talk about Maas-Characters all day, y’all. The good, the bad, and the ugly.)

Here’s some Second-Go-‘Round Love Story trope features that I adore:

Emma + Killian in Once Upon a Time
(I don’t think I loved a single person on this show more than Hook, y’all.)

Kelsey + Kishan in Tiger’s Quest by Colleen Houck
(Once you go black tiger…)(Sorry. Terrible joke.)

Jamie + Claire in Outlander by Diana Gabaldon (Sigh…)

Anna + Kristoff in Frozen (‘Cause, holy cute…)

Celaena + Chaol in Crown of Midnight by Sarah J. Maas
(Okay, so technically he’s third round but I love me some Chaol.)

Bonus freebies:

Danny + Evelyn in Pearl Harbor

Damon + Elena in Vampire Diaries

Booth + Brennan in Bones

  • Know any Second-Go-‘Round Love Stories that I missed? Any of your favorites?



11 thoughts on “Top 5 Wednesday :: Tropes We Love to Hate

  1. I gotta say, I’m kinda regretting not getting to meet the original draft. We could’ve had some fun. Aww, shucks. *puts away Jimmy Buffett playlist and rum and coke*

    Anna and Kristoff were TRUE LOVE. Duh. So how can you hate that? 😉

    Man, that really got me thinking and there are a lot of relationships like this that I loved? Even though the premise sounds super cheesy and annoys me, I totally agree. The first one that popped into my head was The Room on Rue Amélie by Kristin Harmel, because I actually really disliked the first go-round love. But the second? Soon as we met the character, I was trying to smoosh them together, but, DARN IT, they were stubborn and clearly not as smart as me because they resisted. -.-;

    Good post! It really got me thinking!

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    1. Haaa! Everyone loves the original draft until she loses her shoes, makes out with the bald bartender, then pukes in your car on the way home. It’s for the greater good the original draft just stay at home. 😂😂

      There were a TON that I had jotted down and about halfway through, I’m thinking: “Wait, do I actually dislike this trope or not?” 🙃 Seems like pretty commonplace in series these days.

      I’m so glad you gave it a read! I always look forward to your comments when they pop up on my notifications! 💕

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I mean, really, I’m not seeing the downsides. That sounds even more fun. I know a guy who can get puke stains out of a car. Just saying. I come prepared. xD

        Sometimes commonplace tropes are some of the really annoying ones, though. I’ve found it’s more about how an author handles it. I’ve realized this because I’m in a book club, and I end up disliking about 80% of the books we read, and it always boils down to overuse of tropes in a really lame way. But I’m fine with those same tropes in other books.

        Like the hate-to-love trope killed me with a Lori Copeland book I read for book club. Ugh, I hated it so much. But then, I loved the trope in The Cruel Prince. Probably because it’s an unhealthy relationship actually presented as an unhealthy relationship (yay for realism) and really, probably, it’s a matter of who kills who first, AND I AM ALL FOR THAT.

        Ha, thanks. xD I’m glad someone does. I usually end up commenting late at night or super early in the morning, and by that point, I feel like I’ve forgotten what words are and I’m just rambling.

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      2. You will either love it or hate it. There seems to be no in between. But I tend to like dark stuff (shocker, I know, who would’ve guessed), so that worked perfectly for me. I’ve tried to warn people I recommend it to that if you don’t like dark fantasy, don’t bother, because it’ll probably destroy your spirit and make you angry. But not in the good way. It’s supposed to destroy your spirit and make you angry that 2019 is too long to wait for the sequel.

        I’ll be super interested in hearing what you think of it after you read it, though. 🙂

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    1. He (Hook) is so damn dreamy. Ha! It’s that mix of annoying sarcasm + sexy eye contact. Then again, since I’m a Damon fan, maybe I just have a “thing” for the bad boys.


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