Personal Post :: July [Book Jewelry]


I can’t remember a time in my life when I didn’t love books.

There is infinite magic between those pages and a unique form of a “relationship” with fictional characters you grow to love. How can simple words take you to a different planet? Bring to life someone’s crooked smile? Carry their echoing words in an abandoned cathedral?

Books teach.
Books forgive.
Books evoke emotion.

One such book (in the vast millions) brought me to Etsy one evening, searching hopelessly for a piece of jewelry to carry around a character’s name. **cough cough** Rowan Whitethorn **cough cough** – and, in the end, I did what a lot of (raving mad) creative souls do. I said, out loud:

“I can do this myself.”

And I did.

I created a necklace and from there spiraled, out of control, another bookish obsession + a lot of trial and error. I wanted to take just a few minutes this month and share my ever growing love of DIY book jewelry in this edition of a personal post.

I welcome anyone to join me over at the Facebook Page and/or check Gypsy Pearls out on Instagram = @gypsypearls2 — I LOVE meeting new people through “book-love”, you know? There is something instantly-connective about sharing your favorite book with someone else.

Here’s a few pieces I’ve made over the past few months…

They say: “Do more of what sets your soul on fire.” In my personal opinion, you’re a lucky human if you can find a hobby that blends togethers all your greatest loves. In my case: books, jewelry, working with my hands, meeting new people, and craft fairs! (Mostly because there’s usually cheeseburgers or kettle corn involved. Let’s be real.)

What are some of YOUR favorite hobbies? Share in a comment below. 


3 thoughts on “Personal Post :: July [Book Jewelry]

  1. Those necklaces are so neat! I think it’s great that you found (and followed) your passion. I don’t have many hobbies aside from writing and reading. They’re pretty time-consuming lol. I do crochet on occasion, but I’m really bad about making time for it.

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    1. I’ve always wanted to learn to crochet! I think it sounds so relaxing. •• I’m like you though. 99% of “me-time” is spent with a book or a pen in my hands. Every now and then (and by that I mean RARELY, ha!) it’s nice to shut off and not think so much.

      Thank you for the read! ❤️

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      1. It’s very relaxing if you do a simple, repetitive pattern, and it’s easy enough to do it while you watch TV. It’s when you get to the more intricate patterns that have you cursing the yarn gods where it really takes a turn. xD

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