Top 5 Wednesday :: Books You’ve Removed From Your TBR

Yo. What a co-een-kee-dink that I just so happened to “declutter” my shelves this week since the prompt for Top 5 Wednesday = Books You’ve Removed From Your TBR over at the Goodreads Group.

Meaning, I’m including five books I had every intention to read at one point but they fell to the wayside, leading ultimately to their dismissal from the TBR nest.

Sidebar :: I’ve been it a sort of “minimalist-grumpy-hag” mood as of late. Like, I want to pitch almost everything I own because I’m sick of having so much junk around.

Anybody else ever feel that way?

Note : The five selections this week are all books I started at one point but gave up on. You have the right to remain silent. Any further encouragement to continue them will be used against you in a court of book blog law.

And, no, I don’t have any fun handcuffs.

Simply put, I’ve hit this point where if I don’t feel myself enjoying a book by about 30%, I stop. And I know to some of you, that’s a moral sin. It used to be that way for me, too. If I started a book, I felt guilty unless I finished it.

There’s just too many books out there though, y’all, that have the ability to capture us instantly and hold us there. Why should we be missing out on those?

What about you? Do you have to finish a book once you start it? Or do you feel guilt free to toss it and start another?


B + H

8 thoughts on “Top 5 Wednesday :: Books You’ve Removed From Your TBR

  1. Noooooo…Game of Thrones is soooo goood!! 😭😭😭 But, it can be a cumbersome read, so, I suppose I understand. It’s fine, I love it enough for both of us. 😂

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    1. Maybe if I’m holed up for like a week when it snows? I did try once. But I think I only made it like 2 or 3 chapters in. That’s the ONLY one I’ll consider budging on. 😂


  2. I’m gonna risk getting clapped in handcuffs (boo to the lack of fun ones!) and DEFINITELY suggest budging on Game of Thrones. 😉 It’s kind of slow, but once you get settled in, the characters and all their political intrigue sucks you in! And are those bottles of paint? 😮


    1. Game of Thrones has been relocated to my “Okay, maybe.” shelf. 😂 I’ll give it another shot and see if it gets to me the second time ‘round. I LOVE the show (God, that makes me cringe to be “that person” right now) so I’m sure the books are fantastic.

      And yes! Acrylic craft paints for dayyyys. I’ve got them stored in an old Coke crate that I hang up on the wall behind my desk.

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  3. I gave up on Game of Thrones, having read probably three-fourths of the first book. My life is too short to spending it reading books that everyone tells me I “ought” to love. I know, heresy! But that’s the way it is sometimes.

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    1. I have been pushing myself to read more classics, right? And that’s how I feel about them. If I’m over halfway through and it’s miserable – I shouldn’t feel guilty for putting it down and never picking it back up.

      I agree with you completely!


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