Top 5 Wednesday :: Books I Want to Read Before the End of the Year

Halfway through the year, y’all. That just doesn’t seem possible!

Continuing on with my personal challenge to “tackle the classics,” these FIVE are on my TBR list for the latter 6 months of ’18. Of the five, I’m probably most excited about Brave New World by Huxley.

I still have plenty of YA choices laying around, the rest of Kathy Reichs’ Bones series to finish, and a few nonfiction quickies I want to knock out before the year wraps up. A part of me would like to think these classics will take priority but, let’s be real, YA tends to rule my life. (And I love it.)

Any suggestions on which one I should read first, in this TBR stack? Love them? Hate them?


B + H

13 thoughts on “Top 5 Wednesday :: Books I Want to Read Before the End of the Year

    1. I thought I saw you mention Dracula not that long ago! I’m thinking I’ll save it ‘til maybe around Halloween – really get into all the creepy vibes. Curious to see how you like it, too! 🧛‍♂️


    1. Ohhhh, that’s what I just mentioned in the other comments! I think I’m gonna put it aside and read it during Halloween for the “full effect.” 🎃🧛‍♂️🍁


    1. Ahhh, so glad you love the pictures! I get sooooo excited to go home after work and take them/dig out different props. That radio was a SCORE – found it at a flea market a couple weekends ago for $10 and it’s a beauty. 😍 Thinking I’ll save Dracula til later this year then and maybe tackle Brave New World first? I’m excited about Dracula since everyone is giving it a “yes.”

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