Top 5 Wednesday :: Summer Reads

When I think “summer” I think “water.” This girl right here (thumbs pointed toward myself) is just too pasty-white to be out in muggy, Missouri heat without a body of water nearby.

The above picture just so happens to be my backyard. Fun, right? ⬆️

What was it Major Payne said: “I’ll be on you like white on rice on a paper plate with a glass of milk in a snowstorm.”?

That sums up my skin.

So, this week, when the topic of “Summer Reads” came up in the Goodreads Group, it was sort of left open-ended. We get to play up our own interpretation of what that means to each of us. Therefore ➡️ I chose 5 books on my TBR with water on the cover to kick off my summer reads list this week for Top 5 Wednesday! Here goes:I’m about halfway through Treasure Island (which I’m loving) but I keep getting distracted with other reads. Hopefully this summer I can knock out a good chunk of the TBR pile taking over my living room.

Happy Wednesday, y’all!

Love, B + H

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