May :: Wrap Up

I set out with a goal, ladies and gentlemen, for the month of May = to only read books I WANTED to.

Seems silly, right?


Here’s the thing: I put so much pressure on myself to read “big kid” books, i.e. the classics. I’m constantly berating myself: “Read something adult for a change. Something with substance. Check that one off the Top 100 Books Everyone Should Read in a Lifetime list you’ve got hanging on the fridge.”

At the end of the day though? I just really love YA. I read in general because I love it –> not because I want to look good in public reading a book I don’t enjoy. Plus, if I’m reading something I like, the more chances someone will strike up a conversation who likes those books, too.

So, in May, I just read whatever I picked up because I wanted to. And it was so much FUN! Surprisingly enough, that stack included two classics. ⬇️

Four YA books that have been on my TBR for months now! ⬇️

And a couple off my “grid” that friends had let me borrow. – I just wanted to read them for the hell of it. ⬇️

Am I the only one who puts this self-imposed pressure on myself to read “important” things? Do you ever tell yourself: ‘Read something with big words.’?

I’m really hoping I’m not alone.

Happy Monday, y’all.


B + H

5 thoughts on “May :: Wrap Up

  1. Such a good post and such a good wrap up!!! I totally agree about the stress of trying to read “impressive” books. I feel like once you’re over 20 and you read ya people are so judgemental and it’s so stupid! So glad you read what you wanted and that you liked them!!! 💜💜💜

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    1. The more open I am about loving YA, the more positive reaction there is! I love that about people. Maybe one of these days we might outgrow it (that’s a heavy maybe) but for now – if we love it, we should read it. Right? Right. ❤️


      1. That’s amazing! It’s just so freeing to be excited about what you love and kinda force people to be excited with you aha! Totally agree, the heart wants what the heart wants and there’s no arguing with it. 💜

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