Top 5 Wednesday :: Lyrics + Books

OPINION TIME: Books should come with soundtracks.

Suuuuper late with this week’s Top 5 Wednesday post but didn’t want to miss out on another “rewind” round where I could choose from any retired topic. (I am Goodreads obsessed but the more I get involved with the Top 5 Wednesday Group, the more thankful I am book nerds choose to unite.)

I saw the mashup option of song lyrics + books through another book blog I follow and had to give it a shot. What a creative topic.

<Bonus: I did a sixth book just because I had so much fun coming up with these ideas.>

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  1. I dare you to listen to King by Zayde Wolf and tell me it doesn’t give you major Kaz Brekker vibes. Ole Dirty Hands, all gritty and brooding with a gooey, “I’m just trying to love you” center. I’ll even link the video here –> King music video — my favorite stanza says:

The crown is getting heavy
But they’ve written my name in the stars
For diamonds and castles
I’ve dealt blood and greed and scar

2. Taking a dive off their typical country grid, I loved Zac Brown Band’s Heavy is the HeadChris Cornell helps him out and the end result is this raw edged beat with a dark-fairytale twist. Zac sings:

Mad man
Blood on the altar
The Queen will have his head
His ghost will shake those rattling chains
Long after he’s dead
No soul, knows his trouble
High upon his throne
Loved by few and judged by many
He bears that weight alone

That, ladies and gentlemen, screams Aelin Galathynius and the King of Adarlan. Check out the video here to soak up the creepy lyrics –> Heavy is the Head lyric video.

3. A little play on words here but Burning Bright by Shinedown has a few lines I immediately pair with An Ember in the Ashes by Sabaa Tahir. Shinedown can sing a slow song, y’all. I can remember driving around on backroads in high school, alone, and it would help me breathe, you know? There is so much up-down-lightness-darkness in AEitA; makes me think of these words:

The more the light shines through me
I pretend to close my eyes
The more the dark consumes me
I pretend I’m burning, burning bright

Look it up and let the gradual crescendo and crash fall over you. So good.

4. I haven’t picked up The Night Circus in a long time. However, I do remember the whimsical fireworks it set off in my brain, with darker undertones. William Clark Green (one of my favorite red dirt artists) sings a song called Ringling Road, and the carnival elements aside, it has the feel that Morgenstern created when I read her book. The story lines aren’t anything alike, mind you. Green drawls the lyrics about tight rope walkers who are stoned, drama between Snake Lady and the Human Cannonball, and opium addicted Siamese twins. The words aside – there is a period of about thirty seconds where all it consists of is instrumental and “la-da-da”s (check out the video from minute 3:30ish to 4:00) — it gives such off such a dizzy, disoriented spin. Check out the video here –> Ringling Road video.

5. So, at the time of the first read, the ending of Lady Midnight broke my heart. There was so many unsolved conflicts and buckets full of emotion. When I think of the relationships involved in, well any of Clare’s books actually – I hear bands like X Ambassadors and Imagine Dragons. Something that’ll tickle tears at the back of your throat with a crashing crescendo. Unsteady is the white noise I hear in my brain when I think of Lady Midnight. 

If you love me, don’t let go
Hold on
Hold on to me
‘Cause I’m a little unsteady
A little unsteady

Bonus: A Thousand Pieces of You was a strange read. I haven’t finished the series but, then again, I rarely read anything “contemporary” really. It was a cool mix of time travel and mystery and slow burn. Hermitage Green has an awesome video for their song Quicksand and it even reminds me of the cover of A Thousand Pieces of You with the bright wash of colors.

[Verse 1]
I need a riptide flow and on your command
I need a golden page and a poets hand
I need a cold wind blowing on a summer’s day
I need love to lose and find love to stay

But walking’s turning into quicksand
I have problems and so do you
Walking’s turning into quicksand
And I just might make it through

It’s been a pleasure, as always. Until next Wednesday this Wednesday.



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