Top 5 Wednesday :: Worst Hangovers

I’m not joking one bit when I say: I would rather deal with a tequila hangover than a book hangover.

What is it about fictional characters getting inside your head and just ripping your heart out that’s so…addictive?

So much love. So much hate, my friends.

Continuing on with this month’s freebie posts over at the Goodreads Group, I decided this Wednesday to rehash a few books that made me:

A. Hide in bed all day, under the blankets, after finishing just so I could be alone with my thoughts/feelings.

B. Ugly cry.

C. Emotionally invested and then left me like: “What?! This is how it ends?!”

D. Left me with so much love in my heart that I couldn’t function correctly for a few days – all I could think about were those amazing moments in those pages.

(A few of these did more than one of the above.)

Books are magic, y’all. Magic.

Love, B + Hagan

8 thoughts on “Top 5 Wednesday :: Worst Hangovers

    1. I’m tackling classics in this phase of my life (late twenties) and I’m kind of grateful I didn’t “have” to read them in high school, you know? It’s making me absorb them on a different level. I wouldn’t have liked 1984 as a 17 year old. But as a 27 year old? It left me with all sorts of conflicted emotions. Insane.


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