Top 5 Wednesday :: Title Fonts on Covers

Anybody else out there obsessed with someone else’s handwriting? You look at it and think: “Ah, come on, why can’t mine look like that?”

Anybody else let their interest be piqued by a book title’s font? Raise your hand. Join me over here, on the typography-dark-side.

It’s strange, April was a terrible reading, writing, and blogging month for me. My creative-drive slumbered/went into hibernation and, the thing is, I wasn’t unhappy about it. It was a contradiction of sorts because, in that cave of darkness, when I felt a spark of passion –> I REALLY FELT IT. Therefore, I decided May would be a fun month: read only what I’m excited to read, write what lights me up, and blog what gives me JOY.

When I realized how much I missed posting Top 5 Wednesdays, I hopped over to the Goodreads Group and found out May was a “freebie month” where the bloggers/Booktubers got to choose any topic from the archives.

Fun, right?

I found a prompt from September of 2015 = Title Fonts on Covers and loved the fact it meant I could showcase some books I wouldn’t normally post/photograph.

Aren’t all those fonts beautiful? Gah.

Hope everyone is having a fantastic first week of May!

Love, B + Hagan

4 thoughts on “Top 5 Wednesday :: Title Fonts on Covers

    1. It’s such a “pretty” book, you know? The perfect size. Good feel. I’ve only made it a few chapters in because I rotate it out with a Celtic mythology book each week for “serious” reading. 😂


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