Top 5 Wednesday :: Favorite Teachers/Mentors

I love the fact that the Top 5 Wednesday group is so dang affectionate. I mean. You can disappear for weeks and they just welcome you right back on into their arms like that sweet grandma lady down the street who has fresh baked cookies and says: “Well, I reckon…” a lot.

This week the grandma lady wants to talk about learning things and our favorite mentors. The conversation starter goes like this:

“What did you learn at school today? How to wield a knife without cutting off your own thumb? How to poison someone and never be a suspect? How to get ghosts to talk to you on a crowded sidewalk?”

Grandma lady is pretty cool.

Here are some of my favorite teachers/mentors.

1. Murtagh Fraser

2. Magnus Bane

3. Atticus Finch

4. Jackaby

5. Azriel

I won’t go a lot into detail (and I know some of these will be popular mentions) but I love the fact every single one of these characters is FLAWED. Yet, in their imperfection, they are loyal, kind, and willing to go to great lengths for those they love.

Those are my favorite kinda characters, y’all.

See you next week!


B + Hagan

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