Top 5 Wednesday :: Urban Fantasy

The girls over at Top 5 Wednesday are really tearing at my heart strings with the prompt this week – giving me flashbacks to the first hickey I ever had to cover up with liquid foundation, received under the bleachers at a high school football game no less. There was nacho cheese on our shoes, the smell of rotten grass under our feet – pure magic.

I mean…that’s as close as I’ve ever come to “urban fantasy” in real life. 

Here are my top five favorites (all parts of series, imagine that) leaning heavy on the romance side of things and all contemporary:

snapseed-61I bought Stacey Jay’s Dead on the Delta and Blood on the Bayou on a whim over at Thriftbooks and loved every second of both of them. The series is a good mix of fey elements, rough contemporary tidbits (the MC is self-destructive, raw, toxic) a love triangle, suspense, and narrative. Sort of a guilty pleasure read. Don’t have to think too hard, you know?

I can remember getting genuine goosebumps when Paige and Warden finally went at each other in The Bone Season. Nothing like screaming: “Finally!” in your head to seal the deal of shipping two characters. This is a series I’m still currently finishing but had to throw it in the ring since I loved the first book so much.

I’d forgotten how beautiful the book covers in the Splintered series were until I was searching around today for my top five picks. Such a lush, dark, exotic, and weird set of books. When I’m feeling moody, maybe I’ll reread the whole series again. I always thought Morpheus was a dreamboat. An odd one, but a dreamboat nonetheless.

Lastly, not even going to pretend I wasn’t a complete book-whore for Clare’s Mortal Instruments series. I may have been young when I first read them but they collected little bits of my heart and never quite gave them back. They’re a series I go back to whenever I need to hit the “reset button” and just want to have some fun.


Happy birthday to my sweet Brown Dog! Turned the big THREE today and even got a Girl Scout cookie to celebrate for breakfast!


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