February :: Wrap Up

Total Books Read :: 11

Favorite Character :: Mr. Kent from These Vicious Masks tied with Thomas Cresswell from Hunting Prince Dracula (I was on a “charming-gentleman-but-let-me-be-your-rogue” kick.)

Favorite Quote :: “Farmers may rise to roosters, but sailors rise to swearing.” (The Girl From Everywhere)

6 thoughts on “February :: Wrap Up

    1. Her writing is BEAUTIFUL. Lots of nature prose and I felt like I “clicked” with her characters. I’m curious to read her other books and see if I experience the same connection. The Silver Witch was my first read by Paula Brackston! — And thank you! They’re so much fun to take! The background is actually a cheap roll of wallpaper that I just found yesterday for $0.25!


    1. So…Wintersong was a bag of mixed emotions for me, dude. I wanted to love it but it actually took me FOREVER to get through it. I’m still not 100% sure what didn’t jive with me – I expected to fall head over heels and ended up kinda “meh.” — And Cresswell 😍 If I doubted I had ovaries before, he kindly reminded me since I’ve fallen completely in lurrrrve.


      1. Dang that’s disappointing! I’m sorry it wasn’t your cup of tea! I think I might still give it a shot but it’ll definitely be lower down on the list! Honestly though! I look at the books sometimes and just miss him? Such a troublemaker but ugh love it!

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      2. Oh, don’t hold back on my account! You might adore it. It definitely has some beautiful parts! I wanna hear what you think about it when you get to it! ❤️


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