Personal Post :: February

Back in January, I mentioned sharing things a little more on a personal level. Subsequently, there was a tour of my living room bookshelves (at the time) and an outpouring of love I hold in my heart for all things rustic/vintage.

This month I’m going to stay away from books and/or writing. There are other things to life after all. (I know, I was shocked when I found out, too.)

Instead, I wanted to showcase another love of mine and share a few of my favorite photos I took in 2017. 📸

Last month I talked about a particular word I was trying to focus on. February = “intention.” Exist with intention. Create with intention. Grow with intention. Halfway through the month and I feel like I’ve pushed myself out of my comfort zone, as far as my personal writing goes, and I continue to push.

“Pursue the things you love with intention, Brianna.” That’s what I keep telling myself.

❤️ –


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