Top 5 Wednesday :: Hidden Gems in Favorite Genre

You ever see a toddler clap when they get really excited? Little chubby fingers, bangs falling in their eyes, really pink cheeks?

Y’all …that is ME right now, chubby fingers and all, over this week’s Top 5 Wednesday. Top it off with the fact I had Fruit Gushers for breakfast and I’m in like Flynn.

This week’s prompt = Hidden Gems in Your Favorite Genre. Now, I don’t know what kind of evil human being has a “Favorite Genre” but this girl right here adores a little of everything. (I’m kidding, love bugs. If you have a Favorite Genre, more power to you for knowing yourself like the back of your proverbial hand, which most likely isn’t sticky from Fruit Gushers.) Therefore, I picked the genre that’s the most FUN for me to read : Steampunk.

I think Steampunk in general is a hidden gem, y’all. The world-building involved, mixed with a little old school London or American West, and (9 times out of 10) a broody, charming-sort-of-rogue-male MC with an accent that’ll make you wanna stop, drop, and holler. It’s a FANTASTIC genre.

Now, I know Clockwork Angel and Revenge and the Wild aren’t exactly “hidden gems” but here’s my thoughts: Everyone talks about The Mortal Instruments series by Clare but I enjoyed The Infernal Devices so much more. And Revenge and the Wild (even with the weird love-rectangle that didn’t exactly tickle my fancy) was so much fun to read but fell off the grid pretty quick.

The other three? Can’t say enough good things about them. Some of my FAVORITES. Colleen Gleason is a phenomenal writer. Once I started the Stoker & Holmes series, I was hooked. And Kady Cross knows how to make you swoon, man. I couldn’t get enough of both of these series by these talented authors. As for the anthology, I read it awhile back but it stuck with me – it’s probably my favorite anthology I own. So many good short stories to munch on.

BONUS:: I have a few on my shelf still TBR but I wanted to toss them in here. Anyone have any thoughts on these?

Happy Wednesday, guys! I’m home sick today with my sweet, brown dog. Gonna binge watch some Criminal Minds and get all kinds of couch snuggles.

10 thoughts on “Top 5 Wednesday :: Hidden Gems in Favorite Genre

    1. Glad you enjoyed the list! Clockwork Prince was probably my favorite of the lot. I was younger when I read them but I like going back to them on the regular. So much fun to read!


  1. Such good picks! I’ve had The Clockwork Scarab on my shelves forever, hopefully this is all the motivation I need to pick it up! Have you read anything by Gail Carriger? Her Soulless series are my favourite steampunk! 💜

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