Top 5 Wednesday :: Forgettable Books

I’m choosing to take the prompt this week for Top 5 Wednesday and run with it like such: That handsome guy you met at a bar one night, banged harder than a salsa jar on the kitchen counter, and then proceeded to move onto bigger and better things. Figuratively or literally – I’ll let you decide.

The topic prompt itself included the words: “whether you loved or hated it” but I chose to stick to the more negative side of the spectrum. (Per usssssssual.)

Here are some books I still physically own, currently in the Bullshit Box* that were pretty dang forgettable:

  • Pretty covers.
  • Several I was SO excited to buy.
  • And somewhat lovely potential between these pages.

But when I sit down to think about them – I can’t really remember any details that reach out and punch me in the nose.

1. Dreamstrider = talk, talk, talk. That’s one thing I remember. The cover art is BEAUTIFUL though.

2. Incarceron = hurt my brain. Still hurts when I try to remember details.

3. Reign of Shadows = again, gorgeous cover. Smooth, velvety finish. Not a single character that stands out in my memory.

4. Winterkill = I do remember thinking: “Am I done yet?” Yikes.

5. The Eternal Ones = this one is “ancient.” It had been on my shelves since high school. Flipped back through it a few days ago and couldn’t help wondering why teenage me loved melodrama as much as she loved neon lipsticks.

So, there’s a few of my “forgettables.” I don’t necessarily mean to critique them however. I read them each all the way through, therefore they had their merit. I just can’t quite remember what the merit was.

* Bullshit Box = an actual box where I toss all my books to be donated/gifted/garage sale-d. It actually says Bullshit on it in red Sharpie, much to my grandparent’s disapproval. Hey, we all gotta have somewhere to stash reassurance that: “if someone can get that published, then I stand a chance to get mine published, too.”

Night, y’all.

6 thoughts on “Top 5 Wednesday :: Forgettable Books

  1. Lolol. Hilarious. I have never heard of any of these books but you are so right about how physically eye catching they look. Bullshit box uh, hahha, I feel you. At least you sorting it out to give out but everytime you turn to that corner your dreams to publish gets notched up, huh… That was a fun to read post!

    Liked by 1 person

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