Frisky Friday :: Sexual Musings ’17

This mid-Missouri snow, y’all.

Let me tell you what this snow does: it makes me curl into a ball with a book I can twist between my hands and shut out the world of the living. (Other than Brown Dog. It’s ultimate cuddle weather, hence he shall not be shutteth outeth. Plus he’s a lab = labs are always warm, so all emotional benefit aside, he’s like a heater blanket.)

The thing is, I didn’t get much written this weekend other than some freewriting in my journal and the daily ins/outs. I finished The Odyssey and started on Fahrenheit 451 – they’ve pretty much dominated my time, in the best way possible, in the past two days.

**One of my favorite quotes as of late says: “Reading is like breathing in. Writing is like breathing out.” (Pam Allyn) – There’s been times where I’ve felt guilty for sitting down and reading for hours instead of writing. Over the years, I’ve learned the two come hand in hand and, when the mood strikes for either, I seize it.

I did have this idea though – I wanted to share some of my favorite Sexual Musings from 2017. Since I deleted all the old blogposts, this felt like this was a chance to reconnect and a way to fill in my Frisky Friday slot since I didn’t quite get the job done this week.

Sexual Musings were tiny bits of prose and/or poetry that I overlaid onto my own photography. They were the combination of two things I love most; what started out as a fun “project” became a weekly routine and those posts added up over the year.

Here are a few of my own personal favorites:

**Maybe I’ll get myself back “in the mood” to work on new Sexual Musings pieces in 2018. For now, those were a few that struck a chord in me last year.

©️ Pearl Bayou 2018

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